The impeller is the large fan inside the main body that creates the air flow and suction.

Supplied with all fittings and instructions or we can fit it for £75.00 excluding collection/delivery.

Impeller kit

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  • The impeller is made from heavy duty steel but if this becomes worn out or gets damaged from continual pounding of small bricks, debris and rubble it can lose its efficiency or go out of balance.
    If you are using the machine day in, day out ie. full time contracting we recommend replacing the impeller once every 12 months along with a full machine service.
    However, if you only use the machine periodically we would expect it to last several years and possibly forever, but it all depends wether any damage occurs during extractions.
    This new kit provides everything to renew the impeller with the following parts:

    Balanced impeller
    New centre locking hub with new grub screws with 5mm allen key
    Thread lock
    New crank disc and fine thread bolt
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