EXT Blown loft insulation extraction machine pull start

14hp 420cc Lifan engine pull start

13hp 390cc Honda engine pull start (add £300)

14hp 420cc Lifan engine electric start (add £200)

15hp 460cc Lifan engine electric start (add £350)


Every 20m of extra pipe add £250


Each loft extraction machine comes complete with 30 metres of 100mm extraction pipe, jointers, clips & 5 waste jumbo bags.


Blown loft extraction customer cost is typically £450-£600 to extract an average 3 bed semi detached house.

EXT 420 Blown loft insulation extraction machine

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  • All our cavityvac machines have always been able to extract loose or blown loft insulation by removing the rubble box and fitting the loft insulation adapter plate (sold seperately £50).

    The blown / loose loft insulation extraction machine comes without a rubble box that is used for extracting cavity wall insulation.

    Our 15hp machine has been tested using 100m of 100mm (4") extraction hose so will comfortably pull well with 20m to 50metres of pipe depending on the site situation.

    Loft extraction machines come with 30m of extraction pipe but additional pipe can be purchased up to a maximum of 100m using our 15hp machine (80m with 14hp machine and 60m with 13hp machine).