CavityVac is manufactured by a small team of people from the engineering, plant & equipment and insulation industries, with experience to provide the highest performing cavity insulation extraction equipment in the highly competitive insulation and home energy services market. Martyn Ramsden was originally a mechanic & plant fitter working on all power tools, generators, tele-handlers and road sweepers before getting into the insulation industry with Millfold Insulation in 1992 as a cavity wall insulation installer. 
Our vast experience in this field enables us to offer you a personalised service, be it for sole traders of national companies. Our equipment is suitable for private residential properties, new build or commercial buildings.
Because of our flexibility and adaptability we are able to offer our customers just the right services for their needs. We are a family business and as such we can cater for individual or bespoke needs of our customers. This way we ensure an excellent personal service. We are focused on the development and delivery of customised, flexible solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations across the entire range of our machinery, equipment and accessories.
In 2010 we started extracting cavity wall insulation and developed machinery, directional wands, agitating whips (that oscillate within the cavity), pipes and other attachments specific to the job of extracting old cavity wall insulation. We looked at purchasing equipment that was available at the time but soon realised that it did not meet our requirements in terms of power and suction so developed a machine specific to our needs; clearing cavities properly and efficiently. 
In 2013 we were asked if our machine was for sale; which we duly obliged, and this was the start of our manufacturing process. Equipment designed and used by contractor for contractors. 
Through continued consultation with air-flow engineers, & research and development, our new range of extraction machines have evolved into the most powerful on the market and give more suction than ever giving you increased perfomance in terms of volume extraction rates and time on site. Powerful suction is not just the result of a powerful engine, the design of the impeller, housing and our unique air flow compression system, amongst other things, all contribute to the best performance for the contractor. 
The build quality of our machines is now better than ever thanks to new equipment in our manufacturing process and the reliability is as good as ever. 95% of our machines are still on the original main fan impellers and 60% of these are in use day in day out by specailist cavity insulation extraction contractors. 
As Summer 2017 approaches, we are supplying more and more varied equipment from our own machines / consumables to compressors, generators and equipment to other industries. As a result of this, we are currently developing a new web site that can relate more to these products and services.
For late 2017, we have developments in place for further improvements to the equipment and machinery that will increase suction and ultimately on-site productivity even further. copyrights 2016-2021

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