Powerful solutions for extracting cavity wall insulation and loose blown loft insulation

Welcome to our cavity insulation extraction & cleaning equipment website. For 2021 our web site will be updated with more photos, information and a host of other new features so please check regularly.

We are manufacturers of cavity wall insulation extraction equipment and pay great attention to the quality of our products and services. You can find detailed information about our products and services online or contact us for any help.

If you are an experienced contractor or thinking of starting up we can help you grow or expand your business.

Loose blown loft insulation can be removed by removing the front rubble box fitting our inlet plate. Cavity insulation can also be removed without the rubble box using the direct inlet plate but it will pull more rubble through the machine.


EXT Cavityvac Loncin, Hyundai, Lifan & Honda powered Cavity wall insulation extraction machines

Our new breed of EXT 390Pro series, 420s and 460s are supremely robust 13hp, 15hp and 16hp 4-stroke petrol engine machines, and combined with our unique air flow compression design allows for powerful, fast and efficient removal of defective cavity wall insulation.

They are engineered specifically for the job of cavity insulation extraction, designed and manufactured in Rotherham and Sheffield South Yorkshire.


Training and documentation

We have over 26 years in the insulation business and more specifically six years cavity insulation extracting experience in both contracting and machinery / equipment design and offer onsite training detailing the complete process from start to finish including health & safety, method statements, machine & equipment useage, pricing / surveying jobs, contracting legislation, actually doing the job and other relevant subjects.


On site training available now on your site.

Warranty and spares

All our machines have 6 months parts and labour warranty and all spare parts are readily available. Even after warranty expires, parts are available at very reasonable prices.

We supply replacement engines, Lifan, Loncin, Hyundai, Lombardini and Honda, although these are not very often required as both engines have excellent longevity and will last many years if maintained and looked after.

Replacement new design impellers are now available for our machines as well as all other parts to provide many more years of service.